BREAKING: Top World Leader Drops Iran BOMBSHELL – Biden FUMING…

Joe Biden’s incompetence is getting so bad that other world leaders are having to step in to warn him when he’s about to step on a land mine.

Benji Netanyahu just had to have his turn correcting Sleepy Joe.

Biden is perfectly on board with Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s Iran deal, something that Netanyahu is warning would be a “big mistake.”

“I strongly disagree with Secretary of State Antony Blinken,” Netanyahu said. “I respect him personally but I think he’s making a big mistake.”

“Iran without the nuclear agreement is a poor country, an isolated country, a country that has no international legitimacy, and no immunity from the military option. However, Iran with a nuclear agreement becomes a rich country with hundreds of billions of dollars which they will use for terror and aggression; a country that breaks through the international isolation and receives immunity for military action.”

Netanyahu then called on all who seek peace to oppose the deal.

Many responded. Biden did not.

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