BREAKING: Top White House Official RESIGNS – Nation Stunned

A high-ranking White House official just announced his resignation and he will be leaving soon. The nation is completely stunned by this move, and his replacement hasn’t even been named yet.

“White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett will depart his unpaid position this summer after two separate stints working for President Trump,” reported Fox News this week.

After initially departing the White House in 2019, Hassett briefly returned to Trump’s inner-circle to provide much-needed economic advice during the first few months of the COVID-19 crisis.

Hassett is a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution — a conservative-leaning think tank dedicated to “advancing ideas that promote economic opportunity and prosperity.”

According to Fox News, Hassett will return to his role at Hoover where he will rejoin other notable thinkers such as former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and economist Thomas Sowell.

As Hassett departs the White House for a second time, he can be proud of the work he’s done with Trump. The U.S. economy is rebounding after weeks of job losses and uncertainty for businesses.

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