BREAKING: Top Trump Official Announces Bombshell – Possible Run For Congress…

Former Trump 2020 campaign adviser Katrina Pierson is hinting she may have a future in running for Congress in Texas.

Pierson said during a recent interview that the future of the conservative movement will depend on whether people “fight back:”

The only way to fight back is the way most people should have been fighting and that’s is within your state. States have the ultimate authority here, and I think for so long conservatives have kinda fallen into the same trap as the left has for a very long time and that’s looking for federal support when the power is actually in the states.

(In case Adam Schiff or another liberal is reading this story, Pierson clearly meant “fight back” in a metaphorical sense.)

When asked if Pierson would consider a Congressional run, Pierson made it clear. “I have been approached to maybe consider this race… If I come to the idea that I could pick up his mantle and lead. … we’ll see. I’ll leave it at that.”

Time will tell.

To read more about this story and Pierson’s interview, click here.

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