BREAKING: Top Trump Hater Nailed IN THE ACT – Disgusting…

CNN’s Brian Stelter didn’t give a single second of coverage to the revelation that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained authenticated information even though Democrats and most of the media spent months calling the laptop’s contents “Russian disinformation.”

Stelter and Breitbart have been engaging in a Twitter war since the New York Times admitted in an article that the laptop had been authenticated.

After asking Stelter if he was going to stand by his claims of Russian disinformation, he had the gall to deny he ever said it–even when he was shown his previous comments in black and white.

Stelter is apparently “freaking out” about his comments, worried that he will get caught up in the internal investigation around Jeff Zucker, according to a previous CNN employee.

No wonder he won’t admit his mistake even when the proof is right in front of his face.

Read the full story here.

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