BREAKING: Top Trump Enemy Gets NAILED – The Proof Is Shocking

A top enemy of President Donald Trump’s was just nailed. The proof is shocking — he will never be able to escape this humiliation. It is all public now.

Recently, New York Times columnist and pseudo-economist, Paul Krugman, had the audacity to claim that “Democrats never said Donald Trump was illegitimate, just that he was incompetent and dangerous.”

This is entirely untrue, of course. Shortly before Trump’s inauguration, Krugman himself said that it was “an act of patriotism” for Democrats to declare Trump an “illegitimate” president. Clearly, he can’t remember what he wrote.

Or perhaps he simply doesn’t care — perhaps he is being knowingly deceptive. This would be par for the course for Krugman, who is more concerned with being a hypocritical, partisan Democrat than anything else.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner noted how “some Democrats not only declared Donald Trump an illegitimate president before he was even sworn in — they spent the next years trying to remove him from office.”

“The attempt to throw it all down the memory hole is more than just an embarrassment for Krugman and the New York Times,” York said. Krugman should just resign and become an official mouthpiece for the Democratic Party.

Read the full story here.

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