BREAKING: Top Senator CONFIRMS – Election Theft Bombshell

The typically reserved Senator Rand Paul is letting it be know where he stands on the issue of election integrity.

During a recent statement Paul said he believed the election was “in many ways” stolen.

“We can’t just say it didn’t happen,” said Paul. “We can’t just say 4,000 people voted in Nevada that were noncitizens and we’re just going to ignore it, we’re going to sweep it under the rug and say oh, the courts have decided the facts. The courts have not decided the facts. The courts never looked at the facts.”

“This happened in many, many states. Probably two dozen states decided to accept ballots after the election. Two dozen states decided they could mail out applications or mail out ballots, all without the will of the legislature,” said Paul.

Then Sen. Paul explained why the courts should get involved.

“The courts don’t like elections. They’ve stayed out of it by finding an excuse, standing or otherwise, to stay out of it. But the fraud happened. The election in many ways was stolen. And the only way it will be fixed is by, in the future, reinforcing the laws,” said the Senator from Kentucky.

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