BREAKING: Top Republican Exposes Secret Video – Caught Them In The Act

A high-ranking Republican just exposed a secret video. Liberals have been caught red-handed — no one will trust the Democratic Party once this bombshell is seen nationwide. They are finished.

Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) is will face-off against her far-left challenger, Raphael Warnock, in a run-off election in January that will determine the balance of power in the Senate. Her new ad exposes Warnock’s radicalism for all to see.

In the ad, Loeffler rightly pummels Warnock for being anti-Israel and anti-police. He also has close personal ties with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the anti-America extremist who exclaimed “G**d**** America!” after the 9/11 terror attacks.

“We celebrate Reverand Wright,” said Warnock during a TV interview. “Jeremiah Wright is doing what he should do — he is a preacher and a prophet.” Yes, Warnock actually said these terrible things and it is all on video.

Georgians won’t stand for this kind of hatred. Democrats may have been able to deliver the Peach State to Joe Biden by a slim margin, however, Warnock is far too radical and would not represent Georgia values in the slightest.

This is why voters will deliver a decisive win to Loeffler in the January run-off election. Voters also know that the Republican majority in the Senate will be the only firewall against Biden’s deeply unpopular policies, such as gun control, higher taxes, and banning fossil fuels.

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