BREAKING: Top Republican Confirms Election REVERSAL – Democrats Are Fuming

Representative Jim Jordan just released an election message that the Democrats are terrified over.

In a brilliant move, Jordan compared the Democrats current political game to their deceitful impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump.

Discussing the strange phenomenon of the Democrats not wanting to investigate possible allegations of election fraud, Jordan said “We need to investigate. Look, the Democrats spent four years investigating the Russian hoax, but they don’t want to take four weeks investigating the integrity of this election when you have all these affidavits, you have all these concerns?”

But Jordan didn’t stop there.

“You had this situation in Michigan where 6,000 votes went for Biden, but they were actually supposed to go for President Trump” said Jordan. “So we need to investigate. I love your opening, Judge, because you asked so many ‘why’ questions. Any time you do an investigation — I’m involved with lots of investigations in the Congress. You always ask the why question because it gets to motive.”

And Jordan is exactly right. The Democrats’ unwillingness to look at the evidence reeks of suspicious manipulation or reckless indifference.

“Why didn’t Democrats want Republicans to observe the count?” said Rep. Jordan. “Why did it seem like on election night that all the important swing states that kept counting the president won. But the swing states that took a several-hour pause in the count, the president ended up losing? Why did that happen?”

To read more about Jordan’s comments, click here.

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