BREAKING: Top Officials Lying About Virus – World In Shock

A number of voices coming out of Wuhan, China appear to contradict the official government numbers on new coronavirus cases in the region, claiming that medical staff there are being ordered not to test patients with symptoms of the virus.

The residents claim that the reason there are no or very few new cases is that testing has stopped and people are being left untreated in their homes with pneumonia and breathing difficulties.

The Communist Party has been reopening some parts of the city to commerce and traffic because the official number of coronavirus infections has dropped, but the sources say that besides new infections, patients are relapsing and showing new symptoms of the virus after being released from temporary hospitals.

“There are 60 million people in Hubei, and they have all just been left to live or die without any help,” a Wuhan resident identified as Zhang Ruyi told Radio Free Asia. “It’s basically down to a person’s immune system.”

I guess there are worse things than being on lockdown in the U.S. right now.

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