BREAKING: Top Muslim Group Endorses Candidate – Dems SHOCKED


A top Muslim group has endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for president in 2020 because they feel his campaign has been “inclusive.”

Emgage PAC, which says it is the largest Muslim political action committee in the country, announced its endorsement on Thursday.

“More than any other presidential candidate, Senator Sanders has built a historically inclusive and forward-thinking movement: one that represents America as a set of ideas grounded in the belief that all humans are equal and worthy of a dignified life,” Emgage PAC CEO Wa’el Alzayat said.

Sanders said he was “honored” to receive the endorsement and that his campaign was working to bring Muslims and people of all backgrounds “into the political system” instead of “demonizing” them like Trump has done.

“Together we will create an economy, justice system and immigration system that are rooted in human rights for all,” Sanders said, despite the fact that some Muslims treat women as second-class citizens and homosexuals as criminals.

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