BREAKING: Top Lawmaker Resigns – He’s Finished

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has resigned after becoming Japan’s longest-serving prime minister on Monday. Shinzo retired at the age of 65 because of concerns about health.

Abe has been suffering from ulcerative colitis and it appears balancing being Prime Minister and his health was becoming untenable.

He may return to politics in the future once his health stabilizes. Abe has already announced plans to run for a seat in the Japanese parliament next year.

Japan’s longest-serving prime minister earned himself the nickname, “The Prince” because of his extensive political history.

For Abe, leaving the office hasn’t come at an ideal time. Many of Abe’s goals were never accomplished, notably his desire to see Japan re-armed and returned to a more independent military state.

Hopefully, with a restful break from politics, Abe will be able to return to politics and work to make Japan a force in Southeast Asia again.

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