BREAKING: Top Lawmaker Gives Urgent Warning About Chinese Spies – They’re Already Here…

Brexit leader Nigel Farage predicted that the UK would find “a lot more” Chinese spies operating in Westminster after MI5 warned that an alleged Chinese spy had donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to left-wing politicians.

“British establishment have been sucking up to China for a long time,” Farage said.

“If there’s one Chinese spy in parliament, you can bet your life there’s a lot more than that,” he said, calling for a “complete root and branch” investigation.

Many politicians and others in the political class in Great Britain have taken jobs at Chinese companies operating there, Farage further said.

In February 2021, Farage said the Chinese were also buying out British schools. This is what happens when politicians lose their integrity and devolve to following the cash.

Read the full story here.

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