BREAKING: Top Judge Makes Stunning Decision – He’s Saying Now…

Federal judge Christopher Cooper made the stunning decision to prevent jurors in the trial of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann from seeing emails from opposition research firm Fusion GPS.

The trial of the former Clinton campaign lawyer, which is set to begin on Monday, has drawn attention from both ends of the political spectrum as it could have massive political implications.

Sussman’s case could show that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign used fake opposition research to start an FBI investigation into former President Donald Trump’s campaign.

Sussman claimed that he wasn’t working for the Clinton campaign, or any other client, a claim which proved false as he was indeed working for Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Sussman is now accused of lying to the FBI, and there is strong evidence suggesting the jury will find him guilty. However, without the inclusion of the Fusion GPS Emails, the question of Clinton’s guilt will remain undetermined.

Unless something new is revealed during Sussman’s trial in the upcoming weeks, Americans may have to wait to get a good look at what role Hillary Clinton played in manipulating the FBI into investigating her political opponent.

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