BREAKING: Top Investigator Reveals DEEP Scandal Among Top Democrats [Details Here]

Special counsel John Durham’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign has revealed a deep connection between the mainstream media and the Democrat Party, confirming suspicions held by many Republicans.

The Durham investigation found that opposition research funded by Clinton’s presidential campaign was sent to both the FBI, triggering an investigation, and to mainstream media organizations which quickly began broadcasting unfounded allegations against then-candidate Donald Trump.

The opposition research spread by Clinton’s operatives was described in Durham’s report as “unverified derogatory information” about Trump.

The media organizations that received this information didn’t do any follow-up investigating and took Clinton’s cronies at their word. After all, the mainstream media was eager to demonize Trump by any means necessary.

Now Durham plans to expose the relationship between Democrats and the mainstream media in court.

All of that is horrible news for Democrats who are about to have their propaganda machine exposed. By the sounds of things, Durham’s case will be a game-changer that could change the political landscape of the nation.

Read the full story here.

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