BREAKING: Top Intel Officer VINDICATES Trump – White House Cheering

Former acting DNI head Ric Grenell told Breitbart’s Joel Pollack that he thinks President Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy strategy is here to stay even after Trump leaves office.

“Let’s just be honest, the American First policy and the America First agenda that Donald Trump has unleashed is never going back to the bottle,” Grenell said. “We have won the debate on putting America first. No matter what [President-elect] Joe Biden or any future president does, they are not going to be able to put America second without a huge cry from the American people.”

Grenell, who is openly gay, also praised Trump for not appointing people to cabinet or other positions because they check off intersectional boxes, but for their qualifications.

“I’m really proud of President Trump,” Grenell declared. “He is somebody who doesn’t send out press releases when he hires somebody about irrelevant characteristics that they have. He’s somebody who doesn’t keep lists. He doesn’t want to play this identity politics game, and thank God, because it’s really what I think the gay community has been asking for for a very long time.”

That’s exactly how it should be–not looking at color or race or gender or sexual orientation or identity at all, but looking at qualifications and putting diverse people in place because they have the needed skills for the job.

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