BREAKING: Top GOP Senator Exposes Fauci Lie – Biden Is DONE

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who is a medical doctor, said Tuesday that Dr. Anthony Fauci is “lying” to the American people about natural immunity from COVID-19 in order to push his agenda of mass vaccinations.

Paul has often criticized Fauci, and continued to do so on the Fox Business show “Kudlow,” saying, “he thinks it might slow down vaccination.”

Paul argued that people at high risk for COVID should get vaccinated, but that younger people are at very minimal risk for a severe illness and don’t need to get vaccinated, particularly if they have already had COVID.

“There was a statistic that came out that somebody put together today. If you’re 85, your chances of dying are 10,000 times greater than if you’re 10. Should we treat a 10-year-old the same we treat an 85-year-old?” he asked. “It is nonsense.”

He also blasted Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra for calling coronavirus survivors who don’t want to be vaccinated “flat-earthers,” calling Becerra’s remarks “insulting” and against science.

Read the full story here.

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