BREAKING: Top GOP Governor Gives Parents FANTASTIC News – Students Are Cheering This…

Top GOP Governor Ron DeSantis’ wife Casey DeSantis, vowed to “change the narrative” on kids’ mental health, keep politics out of classroom.

“Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis and his wife, Casey DeSantis reiterated their commitment to keeping Florida free in addition to announcing a new focus on cancer research and children’s mental health in the months following the first lady’s breast cancer diagnosis,” reports Fox News.

“Casey DeSantis said she feels “‘really good’ and is starting to get her energy back again, after announcing she completed her final round of chemotherapy for breast cancer in January. She said she was motivated by her family, including children Madison, 5, Mason, 3, and Maime, 22 months, to continue fighting,” reports Fox News.

“The first lady said that early detections and screenings for cancer were imperative, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic that saw a large decline in individuals seeking preventative medical treatment,” according to Fox News.

“The first lady also talked about mental health impacts of the pandemic in addition to physical impacts, stating that her resiliency initiative, launched in February 2021, is aimed at empowering kids to be able to persevere through life’s challenges. The initiative includes a ‘resiliency toolkit,’ as well as the Hope Ambassador Clubs program, designed to create ‘kind and compassionate school environments’ through peer-to-peer volunteering,” reports Fox News.

“With mental health, what I noticed in traveling the state and speaking with a lot of kids is that if they come forward and say that they have a mental health issue, that they feel like a victim and that there’s a stigma associated with it,” Casey DeSantis told Fox News Digital.

“In addition, the first lady said that virtual learning during COVID ‘was a terrible, failed experiment and our poor kids suffered immensely,’ which is why she’s proud that the governor kept schools open,” reported Fox News.

“The governor keeping the schools open has done so much for these kids’ emotional and mental well-being. I really am so sad to hear that that’s even part of the dialog in other states that you would be closing schools, not providing the opportunity for some of these kids,” Casey DeSantis said.

Tor read this full article and see photos of the DeSantis family, click here.

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