BREAKING: Top GOP Governor Drops Biden Bombshell – America Is Cheering

One of the nation’s most popular Republican governors just dropped a bombshell about President Joe Biden. Millions of Americans are cheering.

Appearing on Fox News, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) pushed backed against Biden’s recent accusation that it is “neanderthal thinking” for states to be lifting their mask mandates as the COVID-19 crisis subsides.

“It’s important for governors to able to lead their state,” said Hutchinson. “I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s Neanderthal-type thinking,” saying that “it’s pretty natural to have a sensitivity to freedom-loving Americans.”

Hutchinson noted that people can “do the right thing” without mandates. “That’s not cavemen thinking,” he said. “That’s common sense.” Predictably, however, Biden is attempting to exert as much control as possible.

Remember: Biden ran against then-President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus, claiming to have “a plan” and promising that he would do so much better. It was all just political talking points during an election year.

In reality, Trump’s response saved countless lives — from instituting travel restrictions from virus hotspots to spearheading Operation Warp Speed without dictating to governors. Biden should try showing this leadership one of these days.

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4 Responses

  1. It is truly sad that Americans doesn’t even have a President with a nite light on upstairs or a Vice President with any common sense, but only that she isn’t for our country, two communists and both habitual liars

    1. It’s even sadder that the false president Biden and his administration care nothing about American citizens and legal immigrants and love criminals and illegals. It even sadder that democrats and RINOs know there was election fraud and allow Biden’s administration to continue to destroy our great nation. And even more sadder those who have the power refuse to stop the destruction and show the evidence and proof of the fraud and put the REAL president into office to save our Republic.

      1. Unfortunately, we have a useless supreme court that is terrified to act appropriately and void the fraudulent election. Consequently, we now have two unscrupulous morons for president and Vice president. My concern is that it may lead to civil war simply because Biden does not give a damn about the country or the people.

  2. After all these so called Journalism profession doesn’t do any justice when they don’t like anybody ‘s opinion they turn a blind eye. What happened to the vanguard attitude
    about journalist. Supreme Court judges i they ” feel” it
    doesn’t stand, nothing gets done. Where are the citizens
    to turn to

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