BREAKING: Top GOP Gov Reveals CDC Plan For Children – Nation Shocked

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) said on Saturday during an interview with Fox News that the CDC would go much further with their plans if it weren’t for the resistance that Republicans have created.

DeSantis told Fox News host Dan Bongino that, “I think one of the dangers of having mandatory masks at this point, given the statistics you cite — I think a lot of those bureaucratic authorities say, ‘Hey, we mask for COVID — flu is more dangerous for kids than COVID. Maybe they need to mask the kids every flu season,’ and then it just never ends. And I think if the CDC had its way, I think they probably would have kids in masks indefinitely. And you’re right, Dan — this is not a partisan issue.”

The CDC has made it clear that if you give a government agency an inch, they will take a mile. Even now, the CDC is advocating for the return of social distancing measures and mask mandates.

American children have suffered from disruptions to their school lives for nearly two years, and if the CDC had their way, that would only continue.

America needs more governors like Ron DeSantis who will stand up and fight back. Under the leadership of President Biden, federal agencies have only become more invasive and out of control.

Americans need to get out and vote Democrats out of power if they want to put a stop to this disruption. Otherwise, the predictions that DeSantis made could very well come true.

Read the full story here.

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  5. First of all we need to get rid of all the deminion voting machines and go back to the way we counted the vote in the 70s or to hand counting them. And make mail in ballots ONLY for overseas military and the disabled. THEN MAYBE WE WOULD HAVE A FAIR ELECTION

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