BREAKING: Top GOP Gov Makes It Official – Democrats Are FUMING

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has officially sent back a bill that would ban transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports to the state Senate for revisions.

House Bill 1217, titled “promote continued fairness in women’s sports,” was passed on March 8th, and while Noem said she supported it and planned to sign it, clearly she has some reservations about the bill she wanted to be corrected.

Governor Noem said, “I believe that boys should play boys’ sports, and girls should play girls’ sports. I’m returning House Bill 1217 with the following recommendations as to STYLE and FORM.”

Noem’s decision to send the bill back drew criticism from Republicans who saw the move as a sign of weakness. This criticism was further supported by a statement from South Dakota Chamber of Commerce President David Owen.

Owen confirmed that the Chamber of Commerce was pressuring Noem to reject the bill, and certain corporate groups were threatening boycotts.

Governor Noem doesn’t have the strength nor conviction to stand up to activists, and this should be remembered as Noem has national aspirations. If she can’t push back against activists, she would certainly not have the strength to lead the nation.

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