BREAKING: Top GOP Gov Issues Urgent Security Announcement – All Patriots At High Alert…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) said during his state of the state address on Tuesday that Florida wholly rejects the “biomedical security state that curtails liberty,” and called his state the “freest state in these United States.”

“While so many around the country have consigned the people’s rights to the graveyard, Florida has stood as freedom’s vanguard,” DeSantis said. “In Florida, we have protected the right of our citizens to earn a living, provided our businesses with the ability to prosper, fought back against unconstitutional federal mandates, and ensured our kids have the opportunity to thrive.”

He also described Florida as an “escape hatch for those chafing under authoritarian, arbitrary, and seemingly never-ending mandates and restrictions.”

There has been criticism of the state’s policies, which some have said encourage more transmission of COVID-19.

“Florida has stood strong as the rock of freedom. And upon this rock we must build Florida’s future,” he added.

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