BREAKING: Top GOP Exposes Democrat Murder Bombshell – Nation Stunned…

Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) said it “aggravates” him that the left is politicizing school shootings and playing on parents’ fears in order to score political points about gun control.

“It aggravates me when the left wants to politicize this over and over and over again,” Mullin said. “Every time they see a mass shooting, they want to politicize it and go after gun control, but yet they’re silent on what’s happening every day in LA and what’s happening every day in San Francisco and what’s happening every day in Chicago and what’s happening every day in Detroit. They don’t talk about that.”

He continued, “But any time there’s a mass shooting, especially in a red state, they just want to talk about gun control, and they want to talk about banning assault weapons, which they don’t even understand what they want. What they won’t do is actually let’s get to the root of the problem. What’s happening to the family breakdown? What’s happening to the mental illness? What’s happening to the ability to actually invest federal dollars?”

Mullin said federal dollars should be invested in school security to make schools a “hard target” rather than a soft one.

“[F]or Kamala Harris and for President Biden to go out there and politicize this and take this tragedy and try to make it for a political gain for them is absolutely absurd and ridiculous, and it should never have place here,” Mullin added. “But that’s exactly where they’re going to go.”

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