BREAKING: Top Democrats Wave White Flag – Trump Predicted Surrender…

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee has waved the white flag as it has become clear that Democrats will be unable to win legislative power in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

A new memo labeled Pennsylvania and Arizona as “Reverse Republican Advantages,” which is a big change from “Make a Play for Vulnerable GOP Majorities.”

The last memo, which was published in March 2021, showed that Democrats had confidence in their ability to flip the two states, which are far from Republican strongholds.

A lot changes in a year, especially with President Biden so desperate to make Democrats look as bad as possible. Skyrocketing fuel prices and inflation have shifted the political winds in favor of Republicans.

Without any kind of momentum or advantage from the White House, Democrats’ ability to flip normally competitive seats is near impossible.

President Biden’s economic and foreign policy are weighing Democrats down. Independent voters in Pennsylvania and Arizona aren’t going to vote for the party that has done little to hold the President accountable for his terrible policies.

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