BREAKING: Top Democrats Shocked After New Numbers Come In – Complete Reversal…

A new poll shows that 75% of the American public supports voting laws that require ID before voting, including 60% of Democrats, with only 21% opposing them.

Democrats in Congress are trying to override voter ID laws in 36 states with the “For the People” Act, HR1, that seeks to change many voting laws at the federal level to make it harder to identify voter fraud and stop it.

The House has passed HR1, but it is unlikely to pass the Senate as long as the filibuster holds.

It is becoming clearer that the Democrat party is increasingly out of touch with the American people as it tries to push a radical-left agenda through Congress and grab power from the states.

If we don’t rein in the federal government and fast, we are going to lose our country as we know it.

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5 Responses

  1. Democrat politicians doesn’t care what the majority of citizens think. They are addicted to power and will do most anything to keep; it including lying, cheating, manipulating legislating, or whatever it takes. I’m not talking about Democrats in general, only the ones who have had a taste of power and became addicted.

  2. Of course the American people are in favor of voter id. Why not? What is the problem with that? All American citizens have id. If you are not an American citizen you don’t have id, unless you have stolen it or had fake id made up.

    This should be a no-brainer…oh yeah, the Dems don’t have a brain.

  3. Using an ID card is not an inconvenience and will support trust in the voting procedures. A copy of ID card included in mail in ballots dosen’t take much and a and it is much better than a notary which is required by most states for absentee voting.

  4. I agree! Democrats are only pushing this because they want the illegals they are letting in now to vote illegally. Apparently, they thought Americans would just roll over and allow that to happen! The people who voted for this band of traitors are now kicking themselves. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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