BREAKING: Top Democrats Shock Nation – State Secession Bombshell

Democrat leaders reportedly participated in a war-game scenario of various election outcomes, at least one of which could lead to the secession of some western states and a refusal by Joe Biden to concede an election if he wins the popular vote.

In the scenario, which was similar to 2016 in that Biden won the popular vote and President Donald Trump narrowly won the electoral college, John Podesta, a former Hillary Clinton adviser playing the part of Biden, refuses to concede the election.

Upon Biden’s accusations of voter suppression, he convinces the governors of Michigan and Wisconsin to get their electors to vote for Biden.

The House then recognizes Biden as president, and the Senate and White House recognize Trump. California, Washington and Oregon threaten secession if Trump takes office, and the country then waits to see what the military will do.

It is worth noting that Podesta actually did refuse to concede the 2016 election to Trump until the next day. Just the fact that these scenarios are being considered by Democrats shows how desperate they are to get some kind of power and the lengths they would go to destroy the country just to get it.

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