BREAKING: Top Democrats RAPE Bombshell – Nation In Shock

President Joe Biden’s Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland is facing new scrutiny for a review he wrote in college about a play in which he described a song about rape as “hilarious.”

Garland wrote a review of The Fantasticks, a play performed by a freshman cast in 1976 at Harvard, in which he called the song “It Depends on What You Pay,” a “hilarous group number.”

The song gives a shopping list of different kinds of rapes such as “the military rape–it’s done with drums and a great brass band.”

Garland submitted the review in a list of published pieces required as part of his nomination process, and now Republicans may seek another set of hearings to question him about the article.

Republicans in the Senate are already upset that Garland’s nomination is being pushed through without respecting a traditional 28-day timeline and grace period for nominations.

Read the full story here.

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6 Responses

  1. Treat him like you treat the Republicans. Dig into his past and then accuse him of racism or whatever else your pea sized brains can think up.

  2. How does somebody this disgusting even get nominated for anything, of course Joe probably thinks this guy sounds normal. DO NOT CONFIRM HIM!
    Joe already has enough criminals & crazies in his cabinet!

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