BREAKING: Top Democrats NAILED – Impeachment Evidence Bombshell

New York Times columnist David Brooks exposed Democrats for using “cherry-picked” videos as evidence against former President Trump during the Senate impeachment trial.

In an interview on Friday with “PBS NewsHour, ” Brooks said, “I think they erred in being prosecutorial. And they did cherry-pick in their video. I think the Republican defense was reasonably effective in showing how they picked parts of the Trump January 6 speech in which he seemed to send people to the Capitol, but not the parts where he said do it peacefully.”

Democrats are too used to getting away with taking things out of context, and they tried it in front of the Senate. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t take much effort for Trump’s legal team to expose their dirty, dishonest tactics.

The Senate impeachment trial exposed really how far Democrats have run with an inaccurate narrative. Thanks to a media that is willing to take everything they say at face value, Democrats have managed to convince many Americans that Trump really incited a riot.

The truth is that Trump called for a peaceful protest and march on the Capital. Democrats know all about peaceful protests as they spent all summer encouraging protests despite the violent rioting and damage that occurred afterward.

Now Democrats have to regroup and consider what their next steps will be. They will likely have to spend a lot of time patching up their image as the Senate impeachment trial has sullied winning the Presidency in November.

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