BREAKING: Top Democrats In Congress Get Bad News From Southern State – DEFEATED…

A Tennessee bill is banning ‘obscene material’ from K-12 schools, and if a school district doesn’t comply, Tennessee’s education commissioner can withhold funding.

“The Tennessee Senate sent a bill to ‘summer study’ that targets ‘obscene’ books in K-12 public school libraries,” reports

“The bill would allow parents to report books they feel are harmful to their district’s superintendent,” reported

“While schools in the state were previously excluded from an obscenity law, the bill, S.B. 1944, would remove the schools’ exemption from the law that prohibits ‘showing obscene material to minors, while also holding schools accountable for the increasing reports of sexually explicit literature and images in school materials that parents have complained about to local school board members,’ The Epoch Times wrote.

“The school would then be forced to remove the reported book ‘for 30 days to allow the school board to review the material to deem whether it was acceptable for students to read,'” according to

The bill passed the state House 63 to 24, but did not pass the Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee.

Democrat Senator London Lamar of Memphis then asked for the bill to go to summer study.

To read this full story and see more about the bill, click here.

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