BREAKING: Top Democrats In Congress Caught In Conspiracy – Developing…

Georgia Republican Jake Evans is running for Congress.

He also thinks he’s uncovered a conspiracy in plain sight that implicates some top democrats in America.

House Democrats have completely “weaponized” normal House proceedings, like when they created their own January 6 Committee.

This, as well as his other great conservative ideas have caught the attention of some very important politicians.

Including Donald Trump.

Evans has promised that when he takes office, he and other Republicans will “move to disband and eradicate” and instead investigate Tony Fauci, Hunter Biden, and big tech companies.

“I want to investigate the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. Did Dr. Fauci profit off of it? I want to investigate Hunter Biden, did him and Joe Biden profit off of Joe Biden’s powerful positions that he was in? Big tech, Elon Musk attempting to take over Twitter is a good first step, but I think big tech is out to get conservatives and conservative voices.”

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