BREAKING: Top Democrats Called Out In Shocking Report – They’re GUILTY

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher called out Democrats for “injecting” racial material into math books saying, “It is real. So, again, I don’t know why Democrats do this to themselves.”

Maher explained to his audience during the Friday showing of “Real Time” that “Most of it, I thought was kind of a nothing burger, but here’s one…this is a math question, measuring racial prejudice by political identification. … I mean, this is teaching math. And why use that example?”

Any conservative knows that the left is determined to insert racial politics into every area of life, including the hard sciences.

Maher continued saying, “It is real. So, again, I don’t know why Democrats do this to themselves. I think DeSantis is demagoguing this issue. Because I think he thinks this is a great way to be the candidate in 2024 by owning the libs on gays and kids and Pluto and Goofy f*cking each other or whatever insanity they’re going to — but I also think textbooks are written by a certain type of people…the type who would put some bullshit like that in a math book, that type of people.”

Even hard-core Democrats like Bill Maher aren’t entirely comfortable with the left’s agenda, which should give liberals an idea of how parents think about Critical Race Theory in math books.

Ultimately, Democrats are making problems for themselves when they already have too much on their plate. Pushing radical politics in children’s math books isn’t the way to win an election.

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