BREAKING: Top Democrat Shocks With Election Bombshell [ALERT]

Ohio Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown has shocked the nation with an election announcement.

Brown announced Thursday that he will not be running for President in 2020, news that came as a surprise to most of the nation.

Brown has been tentatively campaigning in major caucus and primary states for several weeks. However, he unexpectedly made the decision against running after concluding his multi-state tour.

Sherrod Brown has made a name for himself as a “blue-collar populist”, and was banking on his midwestern appeal to lead his assault on the White House.

However, Joe Biden is poised to officially announce his 2020 campaign any day now. Early polls show Biden leading the pack of Democrat hopefuls. Bernie Sanders recent campaign declaration puts him right behind Biden in popularity.

Brown issued a statement claiming that he “didn’t have a lifelong ambition to be president”, despite obvious campaigning. More than likely, the real reason he was forced to bow out is that Biden and Sanders have cornered the market for older white male Democrat candidates.

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