BREAKING: Top Democrat Reveals Biden Secret Weakness – Nation Stunned…

Democrat Rep. Jake Auchincloss (MA) called for the U.S. to cut off Russian oil and impose what he called “secondary sanctions” on China to force them to further isolate Russia.

“[A]s they get frustrated, the Russian forces — which traditionally have relied on artillery, more than they have on infantry or highly-trained ground forces — are going to be shelling civilian areas indiscriminately and leading to high casualties,” Auchincloss said as a reason for his assertions.

He also agreed with President Joe Biden’s plan to use Polish and Lithuanian planes to Ukraine for its defense and have NATO backfill those planes for the two countries.

It would be great if we could cut off Russian oil and sanction China without those actions coming back on us in even more punishing ways.

Unfortunately, that’s not reality, and we have to work on ways of helping that will cause the least damage to us, if we don’t want a complete collapse of the U.S. economy.

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