BREAKING: Top Democrat Nailed In Supreme Court Scandal – Nation Stunned…

Even the leftist propaganda media outlet The Washington Post had to call a foul on a top Democrat’s lies about Supreme Court court packing by the Democrat House of Representatives.

“Rep. Cindy Axne regurgitated a false accusation during a radio interview, saying Democrats in the House have ‘no jurisdiction’ over efforts to pack the Supreme Court by expanding the number of justices from nine to thirteen,” reports Breitbart News.

Except that she is ostensibly wrong. And even liberal media outlets had to call her out for it.

“The Post reached out to Axne’s office to ask how she would be voting on the Nadler proposal but was left with no response, awarding Axne with ‘Four Pinocchios’ as ‘it appears Axne is trying to hide the ball on this issue,'” reports Breitbart.

Axne absolutely does have jurisdiction over the issues as shared with the Senate. “To formally change the configuration of the Supreme Court requires legislation. This means both chambers must vote and pass a bill, which is then sent to the president for signature upon passage,” notes Breitbart.

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One Response

  1. Is there any thing Dem leaders say that embraces truth??? They will destroy our Republic for 30 pieces
    of silver. Like Judas who wanted to change the results, couldn’t, hang himself because he couldn’t erase the consequences. America as we knew her is gone forever.😪😪😪

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