BREAKING: Top Democrat HUMILIATED By Secret Photo – Didn’t Know They Could See…

The hypocritical left has shouted their virtue from the proverbial rooftops that all those who are righteous and noble shall wear masks to show an endearing love for their fellow man — until the cameras are off apparently.

“Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) did not wear a mask or maintain social distancing when the cameras were off during an interview with CBS News’s Ed O’Keefe Friday, despite routinely asking Georgians to follow public health guidance, according to a picture his press secretary shared on social media,” reported Breitbart News.

That seems like an unexplainable dissonance unless you are comfortable with the logic that the Left can do as the want regardless of what they say because that is just what they do.

“When the cameras are on Warnock is six feet away and wearing six masks. When he thinks the cameras are off he’s maskless and literally has his hands all over another person. What a fraud,” noted GOP strategist Arthur Schwartz.

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  1. Warnnock should have never been elected. It was a fraud just like the Presidential election. He is a communist.

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