Breaking: Top Democrat dies… He’s gone

There are very few Democrats who deserve real recognition for their service to this country. Every once in a while though, an old-style Democrat is there to remind you what the party was before it lost its bearings.

Zell Miller, a former Georgia Governor who just passed away at the age of 86, was exactly one of those politicians. He was so opposed to the direction in which his colleagues had gone, that he often criticized the Democrat Party publicly.

Miller was a truly independent thinker who represented his state well and fought hard for what he believed. The good governor will finally be getting some well-earned rest. (Read More…)

TV host asks why no one has ‘kicked’ Trump’s ‘little butt’

What is it with these hypocrites? Leftists march against gun owners, they condemn Trump for being hawkish on foreign policy, and they call Republicans violent and dangerous.

But then Joe Biden comes out and says that back in school he would’ve beat up the President. Then, Sunny Hostin of The View says that she agrees, and this slowly becomes the new normal.

Liberals need to cut the violent rhetoric because they’re not equipped to deal with the consequences. (Read More…)

Media circulating rumor that Melania ‘can’t stand to even look at’ President Trump

Apparently, the media have given up trying to be anything but a tabloid mill. Instead of reporting on important news, they’ve become obsessed with the personal life of Donald Trump and the woman with whom he allegedly had an affair. Tragically, Melania gets the worst of it.

Now they’re saying that Melania is so mad at her husband that she can barely stand looking at him. The media have destroyed their credibility so much that no one can take them seriously any longer.

Get back to reporting the news, and leave the first lady alone. (Read More…)

Republican Rep. Ryan Costello announces he won’t seek re-election

Pennsylvania is becoming a serious probably very quickly. Due to a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling, the district lines in the state have been redrawn to completely destroy the political hopes of Republicans.

Now another Republican, Rep. Ryan Costello, has decided to drop out of the upcoming elections. He is at least the second Republican to announce he won’t be running in the state because of the electoral map. This is terrible and it needs to be stopped. (Read More…)

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