BREAKING: Top Democrat Caught In Killing Scandal – Americans Disgusted…

Pennsylvania Rep. Susan Wild (D) made comments during a May 24 town hall that suggested she supports abortion after Down syndrome diagnoses.

“I think you could ask any group, you know, a group of parents if you had this situation in the third month of pregnancy and you found out your child was going, let’s just say, Down syndrome, different people, different sets of parents are going to respond differently,” she said.

“And honestly, I believe that that is their choice,” she continued.

“I don’t think the government belongs in anybody’s doctor’s office,” she claimed. “I just don’t think that’s an appropriate place for the government to be.”

She’s singing quite a different tune than when she supported firing people who didn’t follow vaccine mandates. The hypocrisy is no longer surprising, but it will always be disturbing.

Read the full story here.

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