BREAKING: Top Democrat Caught In International Scandal – Evidence Is Clear…

After spending $36,000 of campaign cash last year on luxury items like limo rides and a luxury hotel where his wife worked in sales, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has repeated this trend this year with almost $60,000 in luxury travel expenses including overseas in Europe where he definitely does not have government business.

Breitbart reported that the amount Swalwell spent on travel was only $10,000 less than the annual median income, and included Miami Beach and a five-star hotel in Paris, France.

The problem isn’t that Swalwell traveled in luxury accommodations, but that he spent campaign funds to do it.

Swalwell’s lawyer asked last month for an exemption to current campaign finance laws to spend campaign funds on overnight child care for his three children, since he is often invited to out-of-town events. If the rule is changed, it would allow politicians to get the kind of care regular Americans can’t get on a regular basis.

Never mind that Swalwell got romantically involved with a Chinese spy and doesn’t even deserve to be a House member at this point.

Read the full story here.


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