BREAKING: Top Dem Just ADMITTED It – Congress To Take Action

The Attorney General of the United States is historically tasked with being the top official over law and order in the United States.

But Joe Biden’s nominee is admitting the truth about his feelings of “law and order.”

“Garland, says he does not know if the Department of Justice (DOJ) will continue prosecuting illegal border crossings should the Senate confirm him,” reports Breitbart News.

So actual crimes will not prosecuted because Garland just doesn’t want to.

Sen. Josh Hawley tried to nail down Garland with the specific question “Will you continue to prosecute unlawful border crossings?”

Garland’s answer was unsatisfactorily slippery. “Well, again, this is a question of allocation of resources. We will … the Department will … prevent unlawful crossing. I don’t know … I have to admit, I just don’t know … what exactly the conditions are and how this is done. I think if … I don’t know what the current program even is with respect to this … so I assume that the answer would be yes but I don’t know what the issues surround it are,” said Garland.

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