BREAKING: Top Dem Gets NAILED To The Wall – Trump Is Laughing

Two speakers at the Democrat National Convention made errors when they spoke about President Donald Trump’s 2017 travel ban against several countries that had high levels of terrorism and lacked sufficient record-keeping to track terrorism suspects.

Actor Tracee Ellis Ross claimed that the travel ban was unconstitutional as she introduced former Acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates, who then called it a “Muslim ban” even though it grew to include the non-Muslim countries of Venezuela and North Korea and never included large Muslim-dominant countries like Indonesia.

The ban was upheld by the Supreme Court, which means that it was found to be completely constitutional.

Yates is an obvious political hack who never liked Trump and wanted to create controversy around his actions.

She’s had her moment in the sun, but she didn’t convince anyone and will now fade away into obscurity–unless John Durham charges her for her involvement in the plot to entrap and frame former Trump adviser Michael Flynn, that is.

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