BREAKING: Top Dem Ends It – Trump Shocked

A high-ranking Democrat just ended it and President Donald Trump is shocked. Millions of Americans are also stunned by this move, which was announced moments ago in a public statement.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) announced this week that “Michiganders are no longer required to stay home,” thereby announcing the state’s controversial, heavily protested, stay-at-home order would be ending.

However, Whitmer also said the state’s nearly 10 million citizens “must all continue to be smart and practice social distancing, and encourage those who meet the criteria to get tested for COVID-19.”

Whitmer has taken a massive political hit for her confusing, illogical, and potentially unconstitutional orders. A handful of Michigan sheriffs even declared they would not be enforcing some of her more ridiculous ones.

Hopefully, with the state finally opening up, Michiganders can get back to work and begin living their lives again. But they will not forget Whitmer’s poor leadership during the COVID-19 crisis that destroyed jobs.

In fact, many are now speculating whether Whitmer is still on former Vice President Joe Biden’s shortlist for a running mate. He is more than welcome to pick her — it will be even easier for President Trump to win in November.

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