BREAKING: Top Court Delivers Stunning Biden Ruling – Nation Is…

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to allow President Joe Biden to make the United States effectively a sanctuary country, preventing Immigration and Customs Enforcement from arresting and deporting illegal immigrants unless they are a “current threat to public safety.”

The orders were made by Biden in February 2021, but they were temporarily stopped due to challenges by Texas and Louisiana. He then issued new orders in September, but they were also stopped after challenges from Arizona, Montana, and Ohio.

Chief Judge Jeffrey Stuart Sutton argued in his ruling that even if the orders by Biden were removed, it wouldn’t necessarily lead to more deportations and removals.

“Even the premise that the Guidance has coincided with a fall in immigration enforcement overall does not lead to the conclusion that the Guidance is the culprit, let alone the challenged portion of the Guidance,” Sutton wrote. “Other explanations exist.”

It’s as if the court wants people to believe that Biden’s policies have nothing to do with the resulting immigration numbers. Seems like they think we’re extremely stupid.

Read the full story here.

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