BREAKING: Top Catholic Drops Bombshell On Amy Coney Barrett – She’s The…

New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan endorsed Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett saying she was “the best candidate around” to fill the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court.

Dolan said, “I think she is nominated because she is the best candidate around, I hope so. And from what I hear, she is. So, let’s hope for the best.” Dolan went on to point out the similarities between Barrett and Ginsburg.

Dolan pointed out how Barrett is facing the same biases that Ginsburg faced during her time serving as a justice on the Supreme Court.

The attacks from the left came fast and furious when news broke of Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court by President Trump. From her position as a mother to her faith, the left came for it all.

The self-titled “tolerant” left launched extremely sexist and bigoted attacks against the Catholic mother of 7 showing that the only thing that matters to them is a person’s political beliefs.

Unlike Ginsburg, Barrett is a conservative looking to uphold American values and protect the constitution. Barrett is the left’s worst nightmare and they will stop at nothing to try and keep her off the court.

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