BREAKING: Tom Cotton Reveals Democrat Secret – They’re Going To Punish Those Who…

The Democrats have a secret agenda but Sen. Tom Cotton isn’t going to let them get away with it.

What the Democrats want you to think is the Equality Act is about… equality. But their secret is that it is indeed something sinister and in direct opposition to equality.

“Under the Democrats’ “Equality” Act, battered women’s shelters could be sued for refusing to admit men,” warned Cotton. “Religious schools could be cut off from federal funding. Millions of Americans could be threatened by lawsuits. All for believing that men are men, and women are women.”

The party that hails itself as being pro-science is abandoning the most simple and fundamental known factors of biology–all in the name of progressive pandering.

Cotton continued:

Let’s look a little more carefully about what this kind of equality would be. All across America today, you will find millions of people who have dedicated their lives to caring for the most vulnerable Americans. They are playing with foster kids who are orphaned or have never known their parents; sheltering women who have been badly abused by a boyfriend or a husband.

This is not about equality. It’s about tyranny of idealogical power and silencing any resemblance of free thought and diverse debate.

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3 Responses

  1. The Equality Act has nothing to do with equity. It is a play for power and to shut down all those that disagree with them. Another Dem/communist manifesto goal. Dems are getting all of the goals accomplished.

  2. They say their not like Hitler but the more they try to do the more they show just how much they are like Hitler, just a warning Democrats remember what happened to him & his party!

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