BREAKING: Tom Cotton Reveals Cuomo’s Sick Secret – Nation Shocked

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) pointed out in a Thursday tweet that New York’s 1,200 homeless veterans will not be eligible for $15,600 payments being offered to illegal immigrants as part of a $2 billion provision in the state’s new budget deal.

Under the deal, illegal immigrants could get the equivalent of $300/week payments from the government–meaning taxpayers would have to foot the bill for benefits to people that entered the country illegally.

No such luck for homeless vets.

In fact, the illegal immigrant funding is a huge line item in the budget–far larger than emergency rental assistance and homeowner assistance, for example.

Meanwhile, 80,000 businesses in the state could close by the end of the year because New York has been so locked down through the pandemic. A million New Yorkers are still out of work at this point–maybe they ought to get help before illegal immigrants do.

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8 Responses

  1. I agree with Ms. Brown And Senator Cotton. As a veteran I’m shocked at giving money to Illegals. The veteran have and will continue to do more for our country than all the illegals. Our history started as the “Illegal” pilgrims settled here. They did get the ball rolling for the “free” people of the colonies. Just remember how the “native” of this side of the Atlantic enjoyed being displaced.

  2. This is UNBELIEVABLE. Why in the HELL should us NY taxpaying citizens have to give the illegals any of our hard earned money and NOT our veterans? These are US citizens that protect us and our country. We DO NOT owe any illegal aliens any of our hard earned money. Send them back to their own country. Nobody has ever supported us. We have had to earn our way in life as hard as it can be sometimes. Don’t put that responsibility on our backs. I worked for many years and retired. Nobody ever gave us anything. We had to earn it.

  3. This is actually sickening to think they would give money to illegals instead of our Vets. What kind of horrible, heartless, sick, vile, evil pieces of crap are they!!

    1. You are so right. Veterans are the back bone of this Country. They deserve the best for protecting our freedoms. All I say is Thank You.

  4. This is terrible news for our deserving Vets who live in NY. Your Gov Cuomo has no feeling or care about the Vets in NY- he never served in the military !
    Why doesn’t the NY media carry stories like this???
    Cuomo should be impeached ! He is a piece of dirt ! I said above Your Gov- I moved out of NY a year ago & we are happy we did ! The Empire State is “Dying under him & the Democrats control . Good Luck in NY!

  5. The veterans should be taken care of for the service they did for our country but are on the bottom of the list for any help when the illegals are given everything for free. Just so the Democrats can get more voters into the country

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