BREAKING: Tom Cotton Exposes Democrat Scheme – Proof Is Stunning

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) sat down for an interview on “Fox News Primetime” and exposed Democrats for their “partisan and radical” agenda.

Democrats voted to allow Covid-19 relief funds to be sent to schools that were not open and even voted to give stimulus funds to illegal aliens in the United States.

Cotton said, “50 Democrats just voted against withholding COVID relief money from schools that don’t reopen, even after their teachers are vaccinated. Another 50 voted against denying money to cities and counties that don’t cooperate with immigration enforcement. 42 out of 50 Democrats voted to give stimulus checks to illegal aliens.”

Americans expecting sensible legislation from the Democrat majority Senate will be disappointed. Under Democrats, Covid-19 relief will get even more expensive.

Cotton continued saying, “It goes to show just how partisan and radical the Democrats in Joe Biden’s Washington are governing right now.”

The billions being spent aren’t just coming out of thin air, and Americans will be paying for this relief in the future. Though reasonable fiscal restraint should be practiced, the Democrats are nowhere near being reasonable.

Read the full story here.

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