BREAKING: Tom Cotton Drops Biden Bombshell – America In Shock

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) called the border crisis a “failure” and said that the Biden administration could fix it easily by making it clear to all migrants that they would not be let into the country.

“The Border Patrol agrees that Joe Biden’s policy is a utter and total failure,” Cotton said on Fox&Friends Monday. “That’s the thing that we consistently heard, is if you let them in, more will come. Not shockingly if you say that minors get into the country or that anyone who shows up with a child under the age of six gets into the country, guess what, you get more of them into the country.”

“It leads to the heartbreaking scenes that we’ve seen in some of these pictures and videos from my colleagues. But again, those are all just the symptoms, not the cause. The cause is letting them into the country in the first place. And once they’re in, they will never go home,” Cotton added.

The Biden administration is exploiting migrants’ desperation for some sort of underhanded agenda, whether it’s chaos that brings about globalization or future Democrat voters.

And if Republicans don’t find a way to stop it, pretty soon it will be too late.

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3 Responses

  1. Impeach Biden then off to Prison – Where are the Articles of Impeachment brought against Biden by Rep Greene

  2. margaret w buttler u said it. what you r saying is so true. they dont care how many people die because they want their way POWER and MONEY> something will give one way or another but until it happens they think we r stupid. excuse me they r really dumb.

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