BREAKING: This TV Station Was Just BUSTED Helping Communist China

Representative Mike Waltz (R-FL) blew the whistle on NBC for covering for communist China by refusing to air Waltz’s TV ad calling out China for their human rights abuses and the International Olympic Committee for allowing China to host the Olympics.

Waltz is a former Green Beret and an outspoken critic of China as well as the U.S. businesses that have done business with China.

Waltz told the New York Post that “This is the equivalent of holding the Olympics in Germany in the 1940s or Rwanda during their atrocities. It is beyond the pale that the [International Olympic Committee] didn’t move the games.”

The evil abuses being perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party need to be stopped, but the free world has completely failed in that objective.

Waltz continued saying “I think the companies supporting it should be absolutely ashamed. Many of them preach social justice and contribute millions of dollars to social justice causes and yet are turning a blind eye to the genocide going on. Many of them are complicit with their own supply chains.”

American corporations must answer for their involvement with China, beginning with NBC.

Read the full story here.

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