BREAKING: They’ve Been FIRED By Joe Biden – GOP Is Furious…

Senate Republican Conference Chair Senator John Barrasso blasted President Joe Biden for having an “open-door” border policy while he continues to fire border patrol agents for not being vaccinated.

“Barrasso argued that the Biden administration’s double standards on the coronavirus pandemic can be seen at the border, where the Biden administration has an ‘open-door policy allowing 2 million illegal immigrants into the country last year,’ at the same time that it’s firing Border Patrol agents ‘who are trying to enforce the law’ for not being vaccinated,” reports Breitbart News.

Barrasso dropped the hammer on Biden and his administration for yet another area of double standards and hypocrisy.

“The administration’s asking for more money. There’s still $160 billion that hasn’t been spent in the so-called COVID relief bill from last year, where only 9% of the money actually went for COVID and a lot of the money went for other liberal things,” Barrasso said.

“It [The money] flushed into the economy. That’s how we have this 40-year high in inflation right now,” Barrasso scolded.

“But the double standards, we’re seeing them at the border right now. Border agents have been fired for not being vaccinated. But yet, President Biden has this open-door policy allowing 2 million illegal immigrants into the country last year, at a time he is firing our Border Patrol agents who are trying to enforce the law and keep us safe,” Barrasso added.

To see a video of this interview, click here.

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