BREAKING: They’re Shutting It Down – Donald Trump Is FURIOUS

They are shutting it down completely. President Donald Trump is furious — he isn’t going to take it anymore. People across the nation are stunned.

“Oh no! What is going on?” said Trump on Twitter in response to the Cleveland Indians shutting down the team’s longstanding name. “This is not good news, even for ‘Indians,'” he continued. “Cancel culture at work!”

The left has successfully used “cancel culture” to force the Washington Redskins football team to drop the “Redskins” descriptor. Now, they clearly have their sights set on the Cleveland Indians.

As noted by Breitbart News, “The Cleveland Indians is the latest team to buckle to pressure from activists who believe that any sports franchise featuring Native American tribes or images is racist.”

But what’s next? Will the Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs, and Chicago Blackhawks be targeted next? After all, if you use “Native American images and names,” then you must be using them for nefarious reasons. Right?

Of course not, but this is where “cancel culture” has brought us. Under the left’s new definition of “tolerance,” everyone must bend to their wishes or else. This couldn’t be further from our foundational values of free speech.

Americans should call out the left’s favorite tactic whenever it comes up. Radicals aren’t just forcing team names, which is fairly innocuous — they are destroying lives and careers over differences of opinion. It must be stopped.

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