BREAKING: They’re Missing, Over $1 Billion Just VANISHED – Trump Is Furious

In a stunning new report, the Pentagon has lost over $1 billion worth of military equipment including high-tech drones.

The report, an annual audit of government waste published by the office of Senator Rand Paul, noted the huge loss but admitted it was not the government’s only area of waste.

Paul said in the report:

Most recently, the Department of Defense (DOD) hit another speed bump, when it spent $174,000,000 on contracts to provide drones to the ANA [Afghan National Army], drones which the ANA couldn’t, and didn’t, use enough to make the acquisition cost-effective before DOD and its contractor literally lost track of the drones.

Additionally, Pentagon officials “potentially lost up to $715,800,000 in equipment designated for Syrians fighting ISIS,” said Paul.

To read more about Paul’s report, click here.

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